Iron Bull Kettlebell Review

This is an unbiased and unpaid kettlebell review of the kettlebells I ordered from Ironbull through Ebay but are also available on Amazon. You can see the review in the video above and a summary below.

Overall it’s a good value for money kettlebell for beginners.

  • Packaging was good
  • No damage
  • The handle is smooth enough
  • Color coding is incorrect
  • There is some loose material inside (that makes noise)
  • The coating is good enough for the price
  • Price is cheap


Since the Iron Bull kettlebells are also available on Amazon but cost much more, I’m guessing that the low price on Ebay was due to the incorrect color coding, even though this was not mentioned in the description. Even so, it was still a good purchase at the $35 I got the 12 kg for.



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