THUNDER Kettlebell Juggling Flow

In this kettlebell juggling session, I string several kettlebell exercises together to turn the juggling into a flow. Some of the exercises are, but not limited to:

  • Forward flip
  • Backward flip
  • Swing flip and switch
  • Pass through
  • Waiters clean
  • Waiters snatch
  • Overhead throw and catch
  • Around the body
  • Pendulum swing

Kettlebell juggling and flows are great for cardio, proprioception, coordination, core strength, power, flexibility, and so much more. Before you can juggle, you need to master kettlebell grips, master the kettlebell swing and other fundamentals, master the kettlebell clean, master the kettlebell snatch, and then you can start combining moves and flow. A flow does not have to be juggling, you can flow with a swing, lateral clean, lateral snatch, frontal snatch, and so on. The moment you are letting go of the kettlebell you are juggling, release and catch.

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