OCTOFLOW—A kettlebell flow with 4 kettlebell exercises

The OCTOFLOW is a kettlebell flow we published in our Caveman Inner Circle together with another flow. The private group receives full instructions on how to break the flow down, technique videos, alternatives, and much more. For those wanting to know what kettlebell exercises are in the OCTOFLOW, please see below.

Kettlebell Exercises

  • Figure of eight
  • Around the body
  • Ribbons
  • Snatch

The kettlebell flow is:

  1. Rack
  2. Figure of eight two times
  3. Transition into the next exercise
  4. Around the body two times
  5. Catch and reverse direction
  6. Around the body two times
  7. Transition into a double-arm backswing
  8. Clean the kettlebell with a bottoms-up horn grip clean
  9. Ribbons two times
  10. Alternating snatch with a pass-through two times

The video of the flow is located at the top of this page but can also be found on YouTube. If you want new weekly kettlebell workouts with a tremendous amount of details, techniques, alternatives, follow-along videos, and more, come and join us here.

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