Worlds Best Kettlebell Combo

This is by far the worlds best kettlebell combo you’ll come across, it consists of two highly effective exercises, namely the squat thruster and the king of kettlebell exercises the snatch, half snatch to be exact. The combo is performed with two kettlebells.

This kettlebell combo is for everyone, crossfitters, kettlebell enthusiasts, bjj practitioners, mma fighters and everyone else that wants to use this beast of a combo to work their core, cardio, explosiveness, flexibility, timing, and mobility. Rack, squat, hip hinge, pulling and overhead work in one combo!

  • Clean once
  • Rack
  • Squat
  • Thrust
  • Press out
  • Lock-out
  • Drop
  • Rack
  • Drop
  • Back swing
  • Up swing
  • Bell to body proximity
  • Pull
  • Press out
  • Lock-out
  • Drop
  • Rack

In this combo I’m using a half snatch (back into racking rather than full drop) because it makes the combo flow nicely, as you’ll be in racking position ready to go right into your squat thruster.

What is a thrust? The dictionary says: push suddenly or violently in a specified direction. The keyword is ‘push’, we don’t want to be pressing, we want to use the lower body to push the weights up, press those heels into the ground and come up as quick as possible immediately following through with the kettlebells, then press out if need to.


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How to use this awesome kettlebell combo?

10 reps of the combo followed by 5 chin-ups, 10 rounds and take a short rest after each round.

EMOM (training)
10 minutes every minute on the minute, first 5 minutes 6 reps each start of the minute, rest the remainder of the minute, from the 6-minute mark you increase the weight, decrease the reps and do 4.

FOR TIME (workout)
When doing this FOR TIME then you deduct two reps starting on round 6, so round six would be 8 reps of the combo and 5 chin-ups, round seven would be 6 reps of the combo and 5 chin-ups till the last round where you do 2 reps of the combo and 5 chin-ups.

AMRAP (workout)
When doing this for as many rounds as possible you set the timer for 6 or 8 minutes and perform as many rounds/reps as possible just doing the combo. This kettlebell combo is an absolute cardio killer so you don’t really want to be doing more than 6 to 8 minutes, 8 minutes is really pushing it, but if you want a challenge do the 8 minutes.

Challenge yourself!

If you want to challenge yourself, work with two different weights, you get all the fun of working with two kettlebells and also get more unilateral qualities through the uneven weights and the body having to compensate for that. Did you know that snatching with one kettlebell is actually harder than snatching with two kettlebells? If you snatch with one kettlebell you’ll probably see differences between right and left, use two kettlebells and in most cases they won’t show.


Download the free PDF with instructions on the execution of this incredible kettlebell combo and also more options to include this in your workouts and training.

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