Kettlebell Clean Pain

Elbow Issues During Kettlebell Cleans

If you are experiencing issues around the elbow (tendons) during your kettlebell cleans it’s time to get your technique in check. Not doing so will most likely result in you being out of action for a very long time.

Tendons and ligaments have a very poor blood supply meaning that they do not have any blood vessels that travel through them, which is what makes them very strong and resistant to stretch. This is also why they do not heal quickly, because they lack a direct blood supply.

Don’t ignore the pain!

When cleaning the weight from dead, your legs need to pull until the legs are almost fully extended, the kettlebell then needs to have enough power to enter its ballistic flight, the rest is just guiding into racking position.

The key here is the ballistic flight, it’s the part where you generate enough power with your legs to make the object move further on its own without having to pull it in with your arms (elbow flexors). During the ballistic flight, you guide the object, you then open up, insert, catch, land, and rack.

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