Kettlebell Workout For Females: Bums And Tums

Workout: Bums And Tums
Target: Mainly lower-body
Weight: One kettlebell light to medium

Circuit A

  • 10 x Russian swings
  • 5 x front squats
  • 4 x overhead reverse lunge (L)
  • 4 x overhead reverse lunge (R)

5 rounds

Circuit B

Transition to the floor

  • 10 x 45 degree seated press
  • 10 x side leg raises
  • 10 x side heel kicks
  • 10 x donkey kicks pulses

Repeat on the other side
5 rounds


  • feet remain on the floor to protect your lower back with the seated press
  • bring knee in front to touch the ground and kick back with the side heel kicks


Here’s a little ass kicker for those areas you want to feel the burn. In circuit A you complete the swings and transition straight into front squats by performing a double arm clean, open palm thumbs through the horns is the easiest (see free grip PDF). After the squats you perform a swing and transition into a single arm swing clean, and press for your overhead lunge. Complete the same sequence on your other side and that is one round.

During the overhead lunge, you may struggle if you have problems with balance, overhead lockout, or thoracic mobility. If you do, lose the weight and perform just bodyweight lunges till you are confident with this. I recommend going through the exercises first to see if you struggle with any moves before you start your actual workout.

Perform 5 rounds of both circuits, if you’re keen, increase the rounds. Have as little rest as possible between exercises and rounds.

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