Anna Junghans

IKFF Certified Kettlebell Trainer, Kettlebell Level 1 + 2 Trainer, IKMF Rank 3 in KB Sport, TRX Trainer, Punch Fit Boxing Level 1+2 Trainer, Thump Boxing Level 1Trainer, Thump Level 2 Advanced Trainer, Certified in Nutrition for Sports, Diploma in Nutrition, Qualified and Certified Personal Trainer, Competed in Bodybuilding competition, competed in Crossfit competitions and Kettlebell Sport Marathon.

20 Kettlebell Common Mistakes

20 Kettlebell Common Mistakes To Avoid

On this page, you’ll find over 10 videos, 2 kettlebell infographics, and more than 20 common kettlebell errors to avoid. Well-renowned International Kettlebell Coach Taco Fleur covers more than 20 kettlebell common mistakes to avoid no what level of kettlebell training you’re at. As a kettlebell coach with over 2 decades of kettlebell experience, Taco …

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Kettlebell Training Results

Kettlebell Training Results: Survey Reveals How Quickly To Expect Them

A recent online survey reveals how long it generally takes before seeing kettlebell training results. The survey was conducted by Cavemantraining, an online kettlebell education company, which sent the kettlebell training survey to over 13,000 kettlebell users subscribed to a highly specific mailing list and presented it to over 31.500 members of a kettlebell workout community.

Albus Nebula Kettlebell Flow

This flow consists of the following kettlebell exercises: Wide Stance Swing Snatch Straight Legged Wide Windmill Lateral Clean High Windmill Back Flip Snatch into OH Reverse Lunge Swing/Switch Repeat on the other side 10 rounds (left and right equals 1 round) Note: Before attempting the wide straight-legged windmill perform the movement first with bodyweight. This …

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Kettlebell Complex

Black Cloud Kettlebell Complex

This kettlebell complex consists of the following kettlebell exercises: Swing Clean Press Row Hang Clean Perform 6 times on one side and switch. 12 rounds (left and right equals 1 round). Use 1 kettlebell of medium weight. It can also be varied and turned into a strength and more power dominant complex by going heavier …

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Translation Guide for Personal Trainers

If you’ve been in the personal training game for a while you will have heard all of these excuses before, over and over, by now you’re able to spot them a mile away. For those that can’t, below is a translation chart.

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