ZATANNA—A Full-body Kettlebell Complex

  • 5 x around the body (L)
  • 5 x around the body (R)
  • 5 x overhead press
  • 5 x front squat
  • 5 x Russian swing
  • 4 x single arm overhead press (L)
  • 4 x single arm overhead press (R)

10 rounds

Zatanna kettlebell workoutAfter performing around the body left and right you catch the bell into one hand (the transition can be tricky), then drop and swing into a double handed swing, clean it up with open hand thumbs through the horns (download the grips pdf) and go straight into your overhead presses. After your overhead press you go straight into front squats, from there you can transition into the swings after which you release one hand and perform a single arm clean to transition into the overhead press. After completing one side you transition to the other side and repeat the overhead press. Repeat the workout for 10 rounds.



Following are the details on all transitions used in the video.

The first transition is the catch where the kettlebell needs to stop and change direction. The catch is performed by finishing the rep with a slight curl and catching the bell with an open palm in the other hand. The kettlebell is then pushed in the opposite direction.

The second transition happens at the front after finishing the around the body, the bell comes outward at the front rather than finishing a circle, the other hand grabs the handle so that two hands are holding the handle for the backswing, transitioning into a double arm clean with open palm horn grip (thumbs around the horns).

The third transition is from swings into a one arm swing clean, transitioning from hook grip into loose/racking grip, and ready to press the kettlebell overhead.

The fourth and final transition is from one arm to the other, which is done with a swing switch, and swing clean.

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