Simple Kettlebell Workout

A super simple kettlebell workout that hits full-body, performed with one kettlebell, just 5 reps for each kettlebell exercise, performed one after the other with rest after each round. Perform 10 rounds.

Each exercise is performed while holding on to the kettlebell with two hands.

  • Swing
  • Squat
  • Press
  • Row
  • Curl

Simple kettlebell workoutWhy do we advocate grips so much?

Discussing grips and making a whole book about grips seems so unimportant, but is it? Let’s give an example of why grips are so important. Take the grip in this video for the front squat as an example. You’ll often see the horn grip implemented, which is not so bad if conditioned and reps are programmed appropriately. Otherwise, this grip can play havoc on the elbow flexors, which usually comes as a surprise, after all, what did you do to tax the elbow flexors, right!? It’s not immediately obvious that holding a kettlebell in racking position can tax the elbow flexors.

The horn grip requires you to keep the elbow flexors contracted during the move to stop the weight from falling forward. Let’s take this workout as an example, 5 reps only, say 5 to 7 seconds per rep times 5 equals almost 30 seconds. Imagine holding up a barbell in a static curl for 30 seconds, repeat ten times, repeat over several workouts a week. This is constant stress on what could be unconditioned elbow flexors.

Know your grips and you can transition to open hand horn grip where the bell rests in the palms and stress is taken off the elbow flexors.

Unlock the video below to see a close-up slow-mo video of the first transition that’s used in this workout to get the kettlebell to racking position. It’s the first transition shown. Just give us a like, share, or subscribe to get access to the video below.


Work on your overhead mobility.


Unlock a free 38-minute instructional video on the kettlebell swing which guides you step-by-step.

Free slow-mo swing video that allows you to see all the details.



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