Kettlebell Juggling

THUNDER Kettlebell Juggling Flow

In this kettlebell juggling session, I string several kettlebell exercises together to turn the juggling into a flow. Some of the exercises are, but not limited to: Forward flip Backward flip Swing flip and switch Pass through Waiters clean Waiters snatch Overhead throw and catch Around the body Pendulum swing Kettlebell juggling and flows are […]

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Benefits of kettlebell juggling

Kettlebell Juggling Benefits

Kettlebell juggling is not just to look cool! Yes, it will probably make you look cool as an added benefit (if you do it right) but there are plenty more benefits as to why you should look into kettlebell juggling. Some examples, but not limited to: improved coordination improved reaction time improved proprioception And even strength

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The Benefits of Kettlebell Juggling

The Benefits of Kettlebell Juggling

The benefits of kettlebell juggling are plenty, but here is a summary of some of the benefits one can expect when picking up the art of kettlebell juggling. One can expect increased and improved: Proprioception Agility Reaction time Reflexes Timing Coordination Force absorption Power generation Explosive power Movement Plus everything else that transfers from the

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“Stupid Kettlebell Flows, Juggling, and Spine Bending Movements. Crazy Shit!”

Unfortunately, there seems to be quite a big crowd of people who think negatively about kettlebell flows and juggling and they like to express their thoughts on it openly. So, I will express mine and perhaps open some minds. People that diss kettlebell flows or juggling usually don’t understand them, don’t know the benefits, or

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