Why the Open Palm Clean and Snatch Is So Great

At the start of this year we posted 24 Unconventional Exercises You Didn’t Know, it featured some great stuff, but two of the exercises that stood out were the Open Palm Clean and Squat, and the Open Palm Snatch by Valerie Pawlowski.

I’ve recently seen lots of Instagram and Facebook clips featuring something with the open palm grip, which is great, because:

  • Anything you do with the open palm grip requires more explosiveness
  • Removes the difficulty of the hand insert (there is none)
  • Requires more balance
  • A straight path with focus on the path of travel is required
  • Can go higher than normal; especially with the snatch; higher equals more explosive
  • Can switch half way
  • Less friction
  • Bell can remain closer to the body on the down-phase
  • Is just plain cool to see!

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Kettlebell Juggling Is Not Just Playing Around

The open palm clean is a great progression to the open palm snatch, and also great to get started with kettlebell juggling. Kettlebell juggling is not something one should only do for fun, it’s not only for hippies, it’s for anyone that seriously wants to improve their proprioception! Improving your proprioception shines through into your every day functioning in life, and it can improve your performance in sport.

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