Kettlebell Juggling Benefits

Kettlebell juggling is not just to look cool! Yes, it will probably make you look cool as an added benefit (if you do it right) but there are plenty more benefits as to why you should look into kettlebell juggling. Some examples, but not limited to:

  • improved coordination
  • improved reaction time
  • improved proprioception

And even strength and power. Once you have the basics down and go heavier, you will be able to work on power. Some of these exercises require way more power than regular exercises as you need to get the weight higher, etc.

Start with step 1, get your kettlebell swing right. Buy a book or take an online course. Join our private group in which we publish weekly follow-along kettlebell workouts suitable for anyone. The workouts come with instructions, techniques, alternatives, and a whole lot more, check it out here.

Post in our group and ask for feedback.


Light Weight

Another thing we often hear “it’s a light weight you are throwing around, so it’s good for nothing!”. As long as you are moving, you are working on something. Besides that, you should progress safely, once you feel you have mastered the movements, then it’s time to go heavier with the weight. As you keep training the movements, you will be able to go heavier and heavier. But, as always, form and technique first, weight and reps second. Ego at the door.

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