Kettlebell Sqibbons For Mobility

This is an exercise from the CAVEMANROM suite of exercises for flexibility and mobility under load. I named it Sqibbons which is the combination of kettlebell squat and ribbons.

This is a great exercise to work on many things at once. Yes, it looks cool but that’s not its primary objective, from this exercise you can expect:

  1. Overall stabilization
  2. Shoulder strength
  3. Overall mobility
  4. Back/core strength
  5. Ankle flexibility
  6. Ankle strength
  7. Wrist strength

…and even proprioception. A great list of benefits from just one exercise.

This is an advanced kettlebell exercise that like all advanced exercises requires a good progression. The progression for this exercise involves squat depth, stability, shoulder flexibility, back strength, wrist strength, and so on.

The main aspects that I appreciate from this exercise are the opposing work done in the anterior tibialis when the weight is behind the head, the wrist work when slowly putting the weight down and picking it up again, and the continuous stabilization that needs to happen as the weight moves through all planes of motion.

The anterior tibialis are the muscles often neglected in the explanation of the squat and their importance, even though they are pretty much the muscles that allow you to go deep in your squat. If your knees can’t be pulled over or past the toes, you won’t be able to get those hips low without bringing your arms out for counterbalance required because the shins almost stay or close to vertical.

In CAVEMANROM we have created a suite of exercises that promote flexibility, mobility, stability, and strength under load. If you want to explore the world of flexibility and kettlebells then I highly recommend checking it out and considering becoming certified online.

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