Taco Fleur

Interview With A Real Caveman

If there is anything I could get across to help people improve their lives, it would be a couple of things:...

76 Years Of Age. Still Snatching 162 Reps. 32kg Chin-up…

76 years of age, survived five heart attacks, now he chin-ups 32kg, strict presses 2 x 24kg, and probably out trains your lazy husband. Read the full story on

Jeff Kettlebell Bot—with double T

It’s important to keep an open mind when it comes to training and self-care. It’s easy to fall into a trap...
Leo Urquides

Stay Savage: Leo Urquides

You might remember a time growing up where your parents told you to be yourself. And we did. We wore funny...
maurizio tangari

Maurizio Tangari​: Victory Loves Preparation and the NEW HydroCore

I moved to San Diego in 2013 after having been an owner of a bed and breakfast in my home town...
Russell Burpee Man Godwin

Why Does This Man Do 100 Burpees Each Day of the Year?

Meet our Caveman Athlete of the month August, Russell Burpee Man Godwin, the personal trainer located on the Costa del Sol...
Eric Leija Onnit

Eric Leija Workout + Caveman Athlete of July 2017

I was born and raised in the heart of Texas, Austin. Raised by two Mexican immigrants in a big family. I...
Shawn Powers

Four Steps to FORZA—Shawn Powers

  THE MIND OF A CHAMPION   Understand that everyday you are in a competition against the person you were yesterday. Understand that failure...
Jessica Huttig

The Kettlebell Viking Princess From Team USA

I am so happy that I took the opportunity to blast through that self-limiting story and achieve what I was meant to achieve.
Kirsten Tulloch AKA LittleTank

The Little Tank Engine That Could.

I was diagnosed with depression when my eldest child was two. It hit like a train during my pregnancy and pulled...
Caveman athlete March Henk Bakker

Henkules: Henk Bakker

The Caveman Athlete Of The Month March is none other than Henk Bakker, AKA The Incredible Henkules. Name: Henk Bakker AKA: Henkules Age: 48 Speciality: Unconventional Training Weight: 122...
Rik Brown AKA Mr Maceman

Rik Brown AKA Mr Maceman

I started because I was a failure as a bodybuilder despite devoting years to it. I was unsatisfied with it being so subjective, with success being reserved for the genetically gifted. I learned that strength and conditioning, especially unconventional training could make anyone who is willing to work far better than they were before, despite their bone structure, skin tone, etc.
Caveman Athlete Kelly Manzone

Caveman Athlete: Kelly Manzone

At the age of 37, I’ve come to let those things roll off my back as I continue to peruse what makes me happy. Typically someone spewing energy like that is unhappy and uncomfortable with themselves. Since recently joining kettlebell sport, I find the community a haven from the negative energy.

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