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Sergey Rudnev

Sergey Rudnev—Kettlebell Sport

My sporting life began at age 8 (1975) and the first 4 years I was engaged in sports gymnastics. It was a great opportunity to develop my coordination skills, flexibility, strength, and speed. All these skills and physical qualities were needed in my future sports career. My next sport was wrestling from 12 to 21

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Kettlebell Sport

How to enter kettlebell sport?

Quick intro to getting started with kettlebell sport. How to work your way up to Kettlebell Sport? What to do with my kettlebell? I need a goal to work towards.   So you want to get more out of your kettlebell—you want to get serious!? You want to participate in a sport that’s awesome, you

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GS Kettlebell Snatch

GS Kettlebell Snatch

How to go heavier, and get more reps out with the 10 minute kettlebell sport snatch where only 1 hand change is allowed. The king of kettlebell exercises, the snatch, is my favourite kettlebell exercise.   The snatch is a dynamic and flowing exercise, and although at times it may seem like an easy exercise,

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Kettlebell Sport España Kike Quesada Sanchez

Kettlebell Sport in Spain

Following is an interview I held with Kike Quesada Sanchez the president of K.S.E. (Kettlebell Sport España), discussing kettlebell sport in Spain.   How new is Kettlebell Sport in Spain? Our Organisation started in December 2016; we did the presentation in January 2017, even though we have 1 year experience in the dissemination and development of

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Double-arm sportstyle swing

Double Arm Kettlebell Sportstyle Swing

The Kettlebell Sportstyle Swing is always done with one arm, never with two arms like you see used with the swing that most people are used to, the conventional kettlebell swing. There is a very valid reason why Sport Athletes don’t do the sportstyle swing with two arms, and that reason is; it doesn’t transfer to anything in the sport, i.e. Snatch, Clean or Jerk. Every kettlebell exercise used in competition is performed with one arm, hence there is no reason to do the sportstyle swing with two arms.

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When Were Women Allowed in Kettlebell Sport? And History of the Kettlebell

There is kettlebell training, which is for the everyday gym goer, the athletes, and those who are serious about their training. And there is kettlebell sport, which is kettlebells on a whole new level, and not known to everyone who trains with kettlebells. Kettlebell sport athletes have amazing endurance combined with mental toughness. They do

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