Unconventional Kettlebell Competitions

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Compete In Viking Warrior

Welcome to the UKC, the online unconventional kettlebell competition.


The concept is simple:

  • Online
  • Unconventional
  • Different
  • More opportunities
  • New disciplines
  • More variety


Weight and Scoring
All weights are allowed and the final score is total weight moved. The total weight moved is calculated by the number of valid reps times the weight.


We want to make it fair for everyone entering, therefore we have:

  • Novice (0 to 3 years of kettlebell training)
  • Intermediate (3 to 6 years of kettlebell training and/or a kettlebell sport competitor)
  • Advanced (6+ years of kettlebell training and/or kettlebell sport rank 3, 2, or 1)
  • Expert (6+ years and/or CMS, MS)

As a kettlebell sport competitor, you will automatically be categorized as advanced.



  • Wearing shoes is not a requirement
  • Wearing a shirt is not a requirement


The same rules apply to online and offline entries. Anyone in the world can submit an entry via video:

  • One continuous video without editing
  • Full body and kettlebell(s) always in the frame with ample space from the edge
  • Sufficient light to see all movement requirements
  • Front-on filming unless specified differently
  • Elbows and knees need to be visible (no baggy clothing)
    • T-shirt
    • Shorts or tights


Certificate and rank
An online ranking system is in place that issues a certificate to athletes. The online and offline entries are separated as offline competitions are held against those participants present at the competition. In other words, those competing online compete against the world, those competing at local competitions are competing against those present.

  1. World
  2. Country
  3. Category

Disciplines to compete in


Spartan Warrior

Hang clean, jerk, and overhead reverse lunge. More details.

Viking Warrior

Overhead deadlift. More details.

Samurai Warrior

Double kb snatch and surrender

Honesty and Judging

The online points and judging system is based on honesty. The athlete submitting the entry will provide his or her number of reps and the number of points that need to be deducted. The public can adjust or discuss points and ranks at any given time. Rankings are not final as adjustments can be made at any given time.

Only the top 3 rankings across all submissions are personally verified by Cavemantraining judges.

More, and you!

The competitions are nothing without you, so make sure you participate, bring ideas to the table, as we’re looking to add several more unconventional disciplines over time.



We want to introduce the squat, but movement standards need to be measurable. One suggestion made was to require the elbows to touch the inside of the thighs as a standard for depth.

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