DOUBLE KETTLEBELL: Keep Your Fingers Safe And Clang Those Kettlebells SUPER IMPORTANT

Here is a quick video that’s taken from one of the weekly kettlebell workouts that we publish in our Caveman Inner Circle. In the video, I explain how to keep your fingers safe when you are working with double kettlebells, I also cover how to clang the kettlebells, which can help to make the kettlebells trajectory more efficient.

One of our early slogans was: Kettlebells Should Clang, Not Bang! After watching this video or when you’ve been doing long cycle for a while you will know what it means. Banging is when the kettlebells hit your forearm during cleans or snatches.

Our free PDF Master Kettlebell Grips covers the grips implemented, and our online kettlebell courses dive deeper into these safety topics. To discuss this topic, feel free to come and 28,000+ others in our online community.


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