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Kettlebell WOD El Cuerpo

This is an awesome full-body workout to be performed with two kettlebells. You decide your weight. But I’d suggest about 50% of your 1RM kettlebell strict press, if you strict press 30kg, go for 14 or 16kgs per arm.


11 Strict Front Presses
4 Front Squats
11 Bent-over Rows
4 Front Squats
11 Chest Presses
4 Front Squats

26 mins. AMRAP



That’s all strength, but of course because we keep going for 26 minutes and want to get as many rounds out as possible (AMRAP), therefore it also has a cardio effect. But that’s not enough, we want more cardio, and we do that by finishing with 100 Jump Clap Burpees FOR TIME.

These are strict front presses, no push pressing at all or “NO REP”, you need to rest or go down with your weight if you can’t maintain a strict press.

With the bent-over rows make sure you contract your glutes to protect your lower-back, this will be the first things that goes, so if you find yourself fatiguing in that area, then put the bells down, stand up and take a few seconds to reset. Do not row with a rounded back.

If you want to shave some time, you can go from your front squats into chest press without putting the kettlebells down, you do this by only using the down-phase of a shinbox get-up. When you’re on the floor your kettlebells are already in position and all you need to do is start pressing.

Your chest presses are performed just like a barbell chest press, only more challenging due to the additional stabilisation that is required.


With the burpees, note that they’re not CrossFit Burpees, it’s a burpee (no tricep push-up) with a jump and clap at the top. Jump from the heels, so try and land flat on your feet, look ahead and clap above the head.

Finished our session with 100 jump clap burpees. Was a blast! ❤ #burpees

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Give this WOD a go and post your results below.

I completed 8 rounds with 2 x 14kilo and did the 100 burpees in 6 minutes.

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