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Kettlebell WOD

Kettlebell WOD El Cuerpo

This is an awesome full-body workout to be performed with two kettlebells. You decide your weight. But I’d suggest about 50% of your 1RM kettlebell strict press, if you strict press 30kg, go for 14 or 16kgs per arm.   11 Strict Front Presses 4 Front Squats 11 Bent-over Rows 4 Front Squats 11 Chest …

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Caveman Strength

Kettlebell Strength Workout

Awesome kettlebell strength workout with one barbell exercise to pump the biceps. Total upper-body workout.   As always, get your warm-up in, focus mostly on the upper-body, but don’t neglect the rest all together. In this workout we use what we call the ‘Caveman Buddy‘ system, partner work, we started this in our Caveman Circuit …

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Workout ‘Balls of Steel’

This workout is as Pavel would say ‘a smoker!’. Like every workout I create, I performed this one myself, check the comments for my time and load. Access to download of the PDF is available after registration. Buy your kettlebell shirts here.   Workout ‘Balls Of Steel’ 10 x Double Ketlebell Chest Press SWINGS! (one kettlebell) …

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