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The Kettlebell Press —Master The Kettlebell Press Book

Also available in paperback.

The kettlebell press and its variations are a show of strength and have been used as a test of strength for many decades. However simple the exercise may sound, it comes with instructions, fine little tweaks, and details that will help prevent injury, make you press better, and more. This is it, MASTER THE KETTLEBELL PRESS the ultimate guide to kettlebell pressing, written by Taco Fleur from Cavemantraining and Joe Daniels from Swing This Kettlebell.

This ebook and video series covers 100+ variations of the kettlebell press and many more details, see the table of contents below.

Besides the book, there is also a detailed video that demonstrates each press from different angles. The 46-minute video is available to those who purchased the book and for free to community members of Cavemantraining, and the book is for sale on Cavemantraining as an ebook/pdf, and on Amazon as Kindle or paperback edition.

Watch a short video clip of the full 46-minute video below.

Bent Press variations that help you progress to the full exercise.

80kg Bent Press.

Valerie Pawlowski world champion kettlebell lifter had the following to say about the book.

Get the free kettlebell grip PDF as mentioned in the book here.

“This is a very complete manual with tons of useful information not only for the novice lifter but the advanced as well. Very well written and informative.”

Jamie Wolcott (Owner of Ballistic Bells and kettlebell sport athlete)

Another short clip from the 46-minute-long video.

This book is aimed at the kettlebell enthusiast that wants to train at home with the kettlebell; personal trainers that want to learn how to identify kettlebell press issues and progress their clients safely; group instructors that want to add tons of variations for the kettlebell press to keep their clients entertained and training from all possible angles.

The full 46-minute video is available for free to Cavemantraining community members and will appear below once you are signed in.


“Taco Fleur and Joe Daniels have hit the nail on the head with their book Master The Kettlebell Press. This is the ONLY guide you’ll ever need if you are into Kettlebell Training or Crossfit.

The performance tips alone, whether applied to competition or fitness are worth 10 times the cost of this book proving itself to valuable to Professional Trainers and the athlete alike.

Their philosophy of ‘you can do it’ is evident in every sentence and the fantastic anatomical glossary plus the addition of simply explaining these terms will increase one’s knowledge of the body and it’s mechanics. The authors have even included a few sample workouts to get anyone started toward the benefits of Kettlebell pressing.

Take advantage of Daniels and Fleur’s in-depth approach. They’ve left no kettlebell unturned going as far to include verbal and visual cues to take your or your client’s kettlebell training to the next level. This is a MUST HAVE book in any intelligent trainer’s arsenal of knowledge.”

Don Giafardino (owner and inventor of the Adex Club)

Get creative, mix things up and create your own combos. Following is a Bent Press into Overhead Squat.

The difference between a kettlebell press, push press, and jerk.

A demonstration of the Sots press, one of the hardest press variations.

How to kettlebell Sots press.

Below is the table of contents for the book which is also available for purchase on Amazon as a Kindle version

Table of Contents

    • Definitions 10
    • A Press is a Press 12
    • Why press? 12
    • Why kettlebells and not barbells? 13
    • Safety 14
    • Requirements for a good press: 14
    • Mind-Muscle Connection 15
    • Muscles 16
      • Prime Movers 17
      • Latissimus dorsi 18
      • Latissimus dorsi 19
      • Gluteus 19
      • Front deltoid 21
      • Side deltoid 21
      • Rear deltoid 22
      • Rhomboids 22
      • Subscapularis 23
      • Triceps brachii 23
      • Biceps brachii 24
      • Stabilizers 24
      • Supraspinatus 25
      • Infraspinatus 25
      • Teres major 26
      • Teres minor 26
      • Pectoralis major 27
      • Rotational muscles 27
      • Large opposing muscle groups 27
      • Deltoids 28
      • Scapula 29
      • Quadratus lumborum 30
    • Flexibility 30
    • Stability 31
    • Pull not push 34
    • When, what and how? 35
    • Common ground 35
    • Forearm bruising, tenderness or pain 38
    • When to rest 41
    • Possible pressing problems 42
    • Common injuries and what to do about them 44
    • Clean (weight lifting) 46
    • Kettlebell handle 45 degrees 47
    • Rack 47
    • Why rack properly? 48
    • Bodyweight practice 48
    • Spine 48
    • Make space 50
    • Racking points and cues 50
    • Kettlebell resting position 51
    • Double kettlebell rack 52
    • The racking concept 53
    • Overhead lock-out and fixation 54
    • How to lock out the elbow? 54
    • Direction of the palm 55
    • Differences between training and competition 55
    • Why lock-out? 57
    • The drop 57
    • Warm-up 58
    • Why create warmth in the tissue 60
    • Assistance exercises 61
    • Trainer or partner 62
    • Breathing techniques 67
    • Tension 68
    • Repetitions and weight 68
    • Getting past sticking points 69
    • Progression 71
    • Overhead press 71
    • Floor press 72
    • Weight progression 72
    • How to progress 72
    • Why perform variations when I can front press? 74
    • Breaking down the press 74
    • Angle 74
    • Stance and position 74
    • Momentum 74
    • Speed 75
    • Rest 75
    • Muscle contraction 75
    • Duration 75
    • Repetitions 75
    • Weight 75
    • Balancing resistance 75
    • Weight distribution 75
    • Stance 76
    • Grips 79
    • Racking safety grip 80
    • Flat Hand Grip 81
    • Bottoms-up grip 82
    • Open Hand Horn Grip 83
    • Loose Grip 84
    • Stacking Grip 85
    • Open Palm Grip 86
    • Waiters Grip 87
    • Crush Grip 88
    • Goblet Grip 89
    • Thumb Grip (AKA Noob Grip) 90
    • Open Hand Horn Grip 91
    • Front press
      Also known as: shoulder press, strict press, overhead press. 92
    • What is a STRICT press? 95
    • Hybrid press 96
    • Side press 98
    • Seesaw press 100
    • Bent side press 102
    • Rear press 104
    • Bent press
      (not really a press) 106
    • Half moon press 108
    • Power press 110
    • Floor presses 110
    • Floor chest press 111
    • Floor hybrid press 114
    • Floor tricep press 115
    • Kneeling side press 116
    • Spartan side press 117
    • Seated leaning back press 119
    • Wrestler press 121
    • Sots press 122
    • Spiral press 124
    • Tension presses 126
      • Half crush press 126
      • Phased press 127
      • Tension press 127
      • Negative press 127
      • Bicep press 128
      • Resistance band press 129
    • Momentum presses 129
      • Push press 130
      • Rotational press 132
      • Hip bump press 133
      • Tempo press 134
      • Squat Thruster (not a press) 134
      • Jerk (not a press) 134
    • Crush grip front squat (not a press) 134
    • Will doing press variations help you press more weight? 135
    • Beginners pressing program 136
    • Caveman strength – progression program 139
    • Workout 152
    • Kettlebell Complex 153
    • Creating workouts 154
    • Expectations 156
    • You’re finished! 157
    • Become certified 157
    • Different 157
    • Videos 157
    • What do you think? Seriously! What do you think? 158
    • Special mention 158


Double kettlebell press

“The book is a great wealth information for the beginning to experienced kettle bell athletes. The photo illustrations and detail into the muscle groups is fantastic couldn’t be happier with all I am learning and improving my kettle bell experience!”

Tim Collins (CrossFit Athlete)

Get the free racking PDF as mentioned in the book here.

“As a Trainer, I find one of the least appreciated facts about fitness is that strength is an actual skill. Taco Fleur and Joe Daniels make up for everyone who’s missed that fact with this book, addressing, coaching and correcting all aspects of technique and proper programming on one of the all-time classic strength movements. It will direct any reader towards a true level of mastery.”

Sean Wells (Owner of Solid State Fitness)
Master The Kettlebell Press 2017

“This book is more like an essential manual for anyone who is interested in kettlebells. It is absolutely packed with loads of useful information. The amount of detail is so helpful, even down to explaining how different grips effect the way the bell behaves.”

Ann Backhurst (Kettlebell Enthusiast)

“Wonderfull, comprehensive guide for people who have never exercised, or for professionals. Highlights for me are the sports and movement definitions, the mind muscle section, what muscles the press is working, and stretches.”

Heather Mamachu (Kettlebell Enthusiast)

Following is one of the videos that are designed for the warming up and mobility section of the book.

Sometimes people might be tempted to think that a press is just a press. At least I thought so. Sure, there might be some variations regarding the stance, wether the weight gets jerked or not, and of course there are old “exotic” movements such as the bent press – but in the end —or so I thought— its just matters that the weight is pressed upwards. Well, Taco Fleur and Joe Daniels disprove such a simplistic view of things with regard to the kettlebell press.

In “Master The Kettlebell Press” the Authors provide a thorough discussion about the Kettlebell press: the muscles involved are discussed, details such as the correct grip or the drop are explained and many different movements are presented.

The book concludes with several example workouts, discusses the creation of workouts itself, as well as the setting of goals and objectives. The book by Taco Fleur and Joe Daniels is a motivating book in the best sense of its word. A lot of books in the fitness genre try to be that by choosing a “get up from your couch”-attitude that tries to be motivating but oftentimes is almost insulting – at least for me. What motivates me are calm discussions about the physical details of a lift – and this book does that in a really inspiring way! I read the first part of the book on my way to and from work – and the first thing I did at home was getting my Kettlebell, correcting my grip and analysing my movement pattern.

So, all in all a book I can highly recommend. Master the Kettlebell Press is a book which is not read once to stay in the shelf afterwards. The reader will pick up the book again and again to improve his press in the various stages or to spice up the workout with different press variations. Grab it and read it – again and again!

Philipp Giese (Kettlebell Enthusiast)


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