Workout ‘Balls of Steel’

This workout is as Pavel would say ‘a smoker!’. Like every workout I create, I performed this one myself, check the comments for my time and load.

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Workout ‘Balls Of Steel’

10 x Double Ketlebell Chest Press

SWINGS! (one kettlebell)
10 x Double Arm
10 x Right Arm
10 x Left Arm

Tricep Press (one kettlebell)
10 x Right Arm
10 x Left Arm

Overhead Lunge Press Windmill
5 x Right Arm
5 x Left Arm

5 ROUNDS (trust me, 5 is enough!)


Skill level Intermediate

Click to see the larger version of this workout.
Click to see the larger version of this workout.


For the chest press, lay down with one kb in each hand, 90 degree angle between ribs and elbow, keep kbs above the elbow joint at all times, press till above shoulders.

See my video for detailed instructions on the swing. Note: try and switch up the first arm you start the single arm swings with each time.

Tricep press, lay down with one kb in one hand, elbow right next to the ribs, keep the kb above the elbow joint at all times and press up till above shoulder.

Overhead Lunge Press Windmill, something I put together myself, rack one kb, lunge forward with same side as kb, press up while coming under the kb, one knee fully on the ground, now perform the kneeling windmill, only bending at the hip, hand to ground, come back upright to the knee, keep kb overhead and press leg explosively into the ground to come into standing position and repeat.

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