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The Grinding Warrior Workout

This workout is all to be performed slow and grinding. 2 rounds with one kettlebell and the last two rounds with two kettlebells. Beginners should perform the workout without weight.   The video includes a warm-up, no special effects or titles, just the warm-up and workout. You could use it to work out at the …

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The Galley Slave WOD Core Workout

The Galley Slave WOD

This core workout consists of several tasks FOR TIME. Start with 100 jumping jacks, then perform 12 rounds of 3 exercises for 3 reps, they are: 3 x front squat with double kettlebell 3 x up to down with double kettlebell 3 x the galley slave with one kettlebell You finish with 100 jump clap …

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Kettlebell WOD

Kettlebell WOD El Cuerpo

This is an awesome full-body workout to be performed with two kettlebells. You decide your weight. But I’d suggest about 50% of your 1RM kettlebell strict press, if you strict press 30kg, go for 14 or 16kgs per arm.   11 Strict Front Presses 4 Front Squats 11 Bent-over Rows 4 Front Squats 11 Chest …

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Performance enhancing kettlebells

PEK’s – Performance Enhancing Kettlebells

In CrossFit, we’ve seen the Kettlebell as something to swing overhead and in some cases, pick up and carry to the other side of the room. We certainly get a lot of benefits from these two movements, but Kettlebells do have other purposes & benefits.

14 kettlebell squat variations

14 Kettlebell Squat Variations

This article will provide your with tons of information that will add a whole new dimension to your kettlebell squat training or that of your clients.

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