2019 Outdoor Training Essentials

Here are the 2019 Outdoor Training Essentials

Aside from taking a deep breath of fresh air and soaking up some Vitamin D, working out in the Great Outdoors can increase your performance as well. There’s something about feeling the sun beating down on your skin and the wind breezing through your hair that brings you back down to earth. Today, gyms are filled with loud music, tons of people, and electronic equipment. If you want to return to your roots, training outdoors will get you there. Before you start, make sure you’re prepared with these outdoor training essentials in order to succeed in 2019.

A Travel Mat

We all know what it feels like to roll around in the grass and come out feeling itchy. Why does this happen? Grass can cause microscopic cuts on your skin, and when you sweat, the salt gets in and irritates it, leaving you scratching the rest of the day. The best way to avoid this uncomfortable feeling is by investing in a travel mat. Manduka makes a great travel mat that is lightweight and provides a firm grip, perfect for stretching or doing yoga.


The Right Shoes

We all know that cavemen got around without shoes and they developed a sense to avoid stepping on rocks or thorns. They also developed strength in their ankles to prevent themselves from twisting an ankle. Taking all that aside, going barefoot is not for everyone, and for those that are looking for some great outdoor shoes, we suggest investing in a pair of Salomon shoes. These shoes have great traction control, grip, and stability that will let you tackle any mountain that stands in front of you.


A Water Bottle

Training outdoors is not for the faint of heart. Depending on how intense you train outdoors, it may be smart to invest in a portable water filter in case you find yourself in the middle of a forest with no clean water in sight. If you’re like the rest of us, a standard reusable water bottle that has insulation should serve you just fine.



We all love a nice tan. However, it’s not the best idea to train outdoors without protection. Unfortunately, the star that lights up our world isn’t too friendly to our skin and can cause cancer and some pretty painful sunburns. Always coat yourself in sunscreen 30 minutes before heading outdoors so you don’t end up looking like a lobster.



The same goes for your eyes. Buying a pair of polarized sports sunglasses will stay secured on your head even during the toughest workouts.


A Jump Rope

This light and versatile piece of equipment can be stored in your pocket or in your backpack. Bring back those skills from your elementary school playground with a jump rope that will amp up your cardio game. Want an added bonus? Buy a jump rope with weighted handles to get a little arm workout in as well!


TRX Suspension Training System

The TRX Suspension Training System is an all-in-one total body workout system. Invented by Navy SEALS, this easily portable piece of equipment is perfect for outdoor workouts. You can attach it to almost anything, a tree, a bench, a fence—you name it! And because this training system uses your body weight as leverage, you can increase or decrease the intensity of your exercises to suit your level.


A Resistance Band

Similar to the TRX Suspension Training System, a resistance band is another lightweight and simple workout tool you can bring along on any of your outdoor excursions. Resistance bands allow you to go beyond bodyweight and work your muscles like weights do, but without the heavy equipment.


A Towel

After completing your kettlebell workout in the sweltering sun, you’re going to be sweating… a lot. Using a cooling towel that stays cold for hours will help keep your body temperature where it needs to be and prevent you from overheating when the going gets tough.


A Storage Belt

Whether you’re hiking up a mountain or searching for tranquility in the middle of the forest for a workout, you’re going to need to carry some things. With a storage belt, you’ll be able to keep your keys, phone, license, small snacks, and other essentials on you without weighing you down or decreasing your range of motion.


Wrapping Up

Ready to take on the great outdoors? To ensure you’re fully prepared for your next outdoor workout, make sure you have these essential items with you to stay safe and comfortable.

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