How to prevent kettlebell bobbing

Prevent Kettlebell Bobbing

Bobbing: make a quick, short movement up and down.

—creates friction within the palms! causes blisters…


One of the important things we teach in our online kettlebell courses to prevent kettlebell bobbing is the insert, demonstrated below.

How to prevent kettlebell bobbing

The yellow arrow is showing where the kettlebell is directed.

The green arrow is a half pendulum with an insert.

The red arrow is an attempt at a completed pendulum swing.

Because two hands are on the handle with the double-arm swing, the handle can’t be turned at an angle to prevent bobbing of the kettlebell. With single arm swings, the handle can be turned in such a way that it prevents bobbing of the kettlebell.

Changing the trajectory of the kettlebell from pendulum/half circle, to quarter circle with an insert, you remove the bobbing of the kettlebell.


Like you can spot someone using their shoulders to raise a kettlebell by the drooping of the kettlebell at the top of the swing, similarly, you can spot bobbing on the back-swing. It’s the part where the kettlebell almost hits the tailbone, and would look like a drooping kettlebell if the arms were in-front.

There are plenty of other reasons a kettlebell can bob, we cover those in our online courses.

The photo below demonstrates what bobbing looks like compared to a proper insert.

This is part of our free kettlebell training fundamentals information for kettlebell beginners. Crossfitters, check out our online course that’s specifically created for people participating in CrossFit.

The following video shows perfect insertion without bobbing.

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