Online Kettlebell Courses

The IKU™ and Cavemantraining™ courses are presented in a unique course format. We break down disciplines and types of education to allow very specific choices and progressions. Suitable for the stay-at-home fitness enthusiast, the personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and the coach that trains elite athletes. Its unique format allows students to choose their own path of learning, and how far that education is taken.

It’s as simple as choosing your discipline, i.e. Clean, Curl, Swing, Press, Snatch, etc., and then your level of education. If you just want to read the material and later decide what to do with it you would select Student.

If you want to be able to obtain a certificate of participation for the chosen discipline then you would continue with becoming a Graduate.

The levels that follow are certifications and when passed, officially certify the participant as Trainer, Teacher, Athlete, Coach, Expert, and so on.

The number after the dot is the complexity of a subject, for example, in Master The Kettlebell Clean L3.1, the subject matter is the Kettlebell Clean, the level is 3 which is Trainer, and the complexity is 1, which is one step up from 0, and after 1 would come 2 and so on. A subject matter might not be complex enough to require splitting, which could mean there is only 3.0 or 3.

Student L1

The information is presented and read by you, you have now entered the Cavemantraining Student Stage.

Graduate L2

You graduated in this discipline, meaning you have a solid understanding of this discipline.

Trainer L3

You train in this discipline, meaning you have a solid understanding and have perfected the execution of this discipline.

Teacher L4

You teach this discipline, meaning you perfected demonstration and are able to verbally explain this discipline. Includes L3 Trainer.

Athlete L5

You have competed and/or demonstrated that you have mastered the skills in this discipline. One such example would be having participated in a kettlebell sport event and received a medal. Outside of events and competitions, you can film and submit to meet whatever requirements are set for each discipline.

Coach L6

You coach this discipline, meaning you understand, train, teach, competed, and are able to provide corrections, finer techniques, and program this discipline.

Expert L7

You’ve mastered this discipline in all of the above categories plus one or both of the following:

  • Private instructor
  • Group instructor


You have obtained several other certifications, reached level 4 for Master The Kettlebell Swing, Clean, Snatch, and CAVEMANROM™, and have been working actively in the field for 5 or more years. Have applied for Cavemantraining Master Trainer and have been approved.


You judge this discipline in workouts, meaning you understand what a bad rep is and have an eye for detail. Requires at least L5. Judges can help moderate our online competitions.

Your clients pay you for what they get

How do I know if someone is IKU™ / Cavemantraining™ Certified?
Anyone who
successfully completes a discipline online at IKU™ or Cavemantraining™ will be issued an official certificate in PDF format, will be listed on the Cavemantraining website list of certified trainers (upon request), is allowed to use the name Caveman [discipline] Certified, is allowed to wear the official Cavemantraining Certified T-shirt and can display the officially certified badge on their social media, website, and other marketing material.


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