Cavemantraining Courses

Worlds first in unique course format. Cavemantraining breaks down all disciplines and types of education, providing to people worldwide, from the stay at home fitness enthusiast to the coach that trains elite athletes. The unique format allows the student to chose it’s own path of learning and how far that education is taken.

It’s as simple as choosing your discipline, i.e. lift, curl, press etc. and then chose your level of education, if you just want to read the material and decide yourself what to do with it, then you chose Student, if you want to be able to obtain a certificate for the chosen discipline, then you continue with working to become a Graduate which upon successful completion will provide you with a certificate stating that you have a solid understanding of the discipline at hand. There are many more levels of education and all are more specific, Trainer, Teacher, Coach, Expert and so on.


Caveman Student

The information is presented and read by you, you have now entered the Cavemantraining Student Stage.


Caveman Graduate

You graduated in this discipline, meaning you have a solid understanding of this discipline.


Caveman Trainer

You train in this discipline, meaning you have a solid understanding and perfected the execution of this discipline.


Caveman Teacher

You teach this discipline, meaning you perfected demonstration and are able to verbally explain this discipline.


Caveman Coach

You coach this discipline, meaning understand, train, teach and are able to provide corrections, finer techniques and program this discipline.


Caveman Expert

You’ve mastered this discipline in all of the above categories plus one or both of the following:

  • Private instructor
  • Group instructor


Caveman Master

You’ve been working actively in the field for 5 or more years and re-passed your full exam.


Caveman Elite

You’ve competed in this discipline.


Caveman Judge

You judge this discipline in workouts, meaning you understand what a bad rep is and have an eye for detail.


Your clients pay you for what they get



  • hip hinge
    bodyweight, kettlebell or barbell
  • squat
    bodyweight, kettlebell or barbell
  • curl
    equipment: kettlebell, dumbbell or barbell
  • deadlift
    pre-requisite: hip hinge and squat
    equipment: barbell or kettlebell
  • kettlebell swing
    pre-requisite: hip hinge
  • clean
    pre-requisite: deadlift
    equipment: barbell or kettlebell
  • front/back squat
    pre-requisite: squat
    equipment: barbell or kettlebell
  • press
    pre-requisite: clean
    equipment: barbell or kettlebell
  • row
    pre-requisite: hip hinge
    equipment: barbell or kettlebell
  • push-up
  • pull-up
  • push press
    pre-requisite: press
    equipment: barbell or kettlebell
  • jerk
    pre-requisite: push press
    equipment: barbell or kettlebell
  • overhead squat
    pre-requisite: press
    equipment: barbell or kettlebell
  • barbell snatch
    pre-requisite: clean
    equipment: barbell
  • kettlebell snatch
    pre-requisite: kettlebell swing
    equipment: kettlebell

All individual disciplines/courses are required to be completed within 3 months.

How do I know if someone is Caveman Certified?
Anyone that successfully completes a discipline online at Cavemantraining will be issued an official certificate in PDF format, will be listed on the Cavemantraining website list of certified trainers, is allowed to use the name Caveman [discipline] Certified, is allowed to wear the official Cavemantraining Certified T-shirt and can display the official certified badge on their social media, website and other marketing material.


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Each discipline course will start every three months on the 7th

7 October 2017 – register before end of July and qualify for the early-bird price
7 January 2018
7 April 2018
7 July 2018
7 October 2018
7 January 2019
7 April 2019
7 July 2019
7 October 2019

Release dates for the disciplines are:

  1. hip hinge 29 May 2017
  2. kettlebell swing 15 June 2017
  3. clean 20 June 2017
  4. press 29 June 2017
  5. kettlebell snatch 10 July 2017
  6. row 15 July 2017
  7. squat 20 July 2017
  8. curl 25 October 2017
  9. deadlift 29 November 2017
  10. front/back squat 5 December 2017
  11. push-up 15 February 2018
  12. pull-up 25 February 2018
  13. push press 5 March 2018
  14. jerk 15 March 2018
  15. overhead squat 25 March 2018
  16. barbell snatch 5 April 2018



There are also more intense and specific qualifications as listed below and these will cover several or many of the following: MMC, Mental (toughness), Motivation, Reps programming, Duration, Weight, Frequency, Building up, Regression, Progression, Communication, Public speaking

Released over the duration of 2018

  • Caveman Kettlebell Qualified
    pre-requisite: kettlebell deadlift, swing, press and snatch
  • Caveman WOD Qualified
    pre-requisite: kettlebell or barbell deadlift, swing, press and snatch
  • Caveman ROM Qualified
  • Caveman Strength Qualified
    pre-requisite: kettlebell or barbell deadlift, swing, press and snatch
  • Caveman Bodyweight Qualified
    pre-requisite: squat, push-up, pull-up
  • Caveman Microfitness Qualified
    pre-requisite: squat, push-up
  • Caveman Interval Qualified
    pre-requisite: squat, push-up
  • Caveman Circuit Qualified
    pre-requisite: Caveman Bodyweight or  Caveman Kettlebell or Caveman WOD
  • Caveman Boot Camp Qualified
    pre-requisite: Caveman Bodyweight or  Caveman Kettlebell or Caveman WOD
  • Caveman MMA Fitness Qualified
    pre-requisite: Caveman Bodyweight and  Caveman Kettlebell or Caveman WOD
  • Caveman Nutrition
  • Caveman Lifestyle

Caveman Master Trainer is Qualified in all the above.


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