weight and fat loss tip

The only real fat and weight loss tip you’ll ever need

The only real fat and weight loss tip you’ll ever need simple no-nonsense info. The rest is only money-making.

“Drink and eat what you need, not what you want.”

Drink and eat what you need
not what you want.


The secret to weight and fat loss is in how much you put in your mouth. Put in more than you need and the ramification is that you get fat and overweight. It’s truly that simple.


How to define what you need?

What you need depends on:

  • Sex
  • Physical activity
  • Body composition
  • Age
  • Health

You can start counting calories and pay attention to calorie intake vs energy expenditure, or you can start listening to your body. I prefer the latter.

Eat not till you’re bloated, eat slower, serve less and get more if truly required, not just because it tastes good.

“40 to 60% of what you put on your plate should be fresh and/or green, each meal.”
~Taco Fleur

This means a plate of french fries does not meet that recommendation. I eat french fries, I love them, but there needs to be a sensible balance in your diet. Add a nice salad that fills 40 to 60% of your plate, and you’re good. Eat this every day and you’re not good. Eat double the amount you need, and again, you’re not good.

Pay attention to how you feel, right after and the next day. Food has effects.

Drugs suppress depression. Food can fix depression.


Couple of things to reduce the amount you eat:

  • Measure your food in relation to your plate
  • Don’t be scared to leave some of the food and adjust future portions

If you don’t or can’t decrease what you eat and want to stick to what you’re eating, you’ll need to increase what you need through physical activity and changing your body composition. Don’t do this while also increasing your portion size, this would have the opposite effect.

Of course, what you eat also plays a factor in how much fat/weight you put on, some foods are worse than others. Don’t starve yourself, don’t make huge changes in one day, don’t deprive yourself of what you want. Everything in moderation. Slow and progressional steps to a healthy sustainable lifestyle, not a drastic diet that you can’t maintain or produces results that only last for a short period.

Understand what you eat, understand what your body needs, understand that food is energy and medicine. Take time to learn about one of the most important things in life that dictate how you feel, how you look, how you behave, how you think, and how you heal.

Start with this. Change today. Change your mentality. Work on your thoughts. Your current state started with a thought. Your future state can start with a thought that’s put into action.

The ramifications of obesity
Excessive: more than is necessary. Diet: the sum of food consumed by a person.


Seek help, become accountable for your actions, get motivation, start a challenge.

1) mental 2) action 3) physical 4) sustainable

If you really struggle to keep away from bad food, maybe consider an appetite suppressant at the beginning, but make sure you don’t start depending on them and ween yourself off them as soon as possible.


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weight and fat loss tip

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