2019 FU, BS, Either Get Old and Lazy or Older and Stronger

I so firmly believe in my statement “Either get old and lazy or older and stronger” that I’m going to have to use some serious language to get the point across, yeah, if you don’t already believe yet, none of what I say will matter, but, whatever.. Because, no matter what people tell you—well, maybe if more people started saying it, it would become more acceptable—you have to experience it for yourself first.

The majority of people across the world would right now be like “What a dingalong, who does he think he is? Calling my fat lazy ass out like that! Simply despicable.”.


I’m sick and tired of all the babying and cuddling that most health practitioners (in the system) do, I’m sick of the self-pity, and making that which is not true, killing millions, and causing miserable lives to become an acceptable believable standard.

Hold up, I’m not saying you should be ripped and have guns for looks, not at all, I couldn’t care less about looks. I don’t mean you should look like a bum either, I mean that what’s on the inside is more important than how people judge you by the outside. Yeah, I can already hear it, but no, if you look like a fat lazy slob on the outside (and are one), that reflects on your inside too, so no, that’s not going to fly. And yeah, if you have some kind of disease, fallen off the wagon but are getting back on, or you do your best but don’t look ripped, hell no, I won’t put you on that list of fat lazy slobs.

What I am saying is, if you look like the Michelin man or woman and come in the restaurant, order 1L of beer, a banana split, devour that between breakfast and lunch (actually saw that his morning while I was drinking my own 0.5L of beer after a hard workout which inspired me to write this), well, FU, I don’t feel one bit sorry for you, I actually have to work hard not to despise you. Why you ask? Because you brought it upon yourself that you can’t fully enjoy life, that you walk with every step hurting, breathe as you’ve just done Sneaky Anna, and will leave this earth much earlier than you were meant to. Yes, you do have a role in life, your role is to be an example to your family, husband/wife, children, neighbors, and the rest of the world. Yes, you are required to live your life to the fullest, life is an amazing gift that should not be wasted. Yes, that does freaking mean you exercise (physical labor counts) and enjoy the outdoors.

What does age is just a number mean?

It means that no matter how old you are if you progress and condition appropriately, you can do anything you set your mind to. How hard it’s going to be to achieve that which you set your mind too all depends on how close you were to that goal before you made that decision. The longer you waited, the further you would be.


Why am I so sure that age is just a number? Let me give you some examples:

Before you think I’m on my high horse, hell no, all these people listed above deserve way more respect than I do, some of them are bloody ripped, I’m not, and that’s completely my own fault, it’s because I don’t have the discipline to look after what I eat more than I do. Does it put me in the lazy slob category? NO!

Let’s talk about AGE IS JUST A NUMBER and whether getting older means that you just can’t do the things that you did anymore.

It’s bullshit, plain ol’ BS, what is really happening is that you simply haven’t given your body the attention it needs and you’ve got the old door syndrome, the door has been exposed to the elements and hasn’t been used that much, it’s starting to squeak and a hassle to open up. Not because ‘that’s just how it is’, but because the door has not been used or looked after that much, the hinges started to rust and shit got caught under the door. BUT luckily you can fix it with a broom, some WD40, and regular use of the door. But if you start using that door like crazy it will probably break down.

It’s called conditioning and progression. Here is the magic. I know older people that said to me “I could never do that”… bullshit, unless you died the next day, yeah, you’re right, otherwise, it comes down to slow progression and conditioning over time, and most of all SMART PROGRAMMING. Scrap that, it comes down to actually wanting it first and then the rest of what I said.

I’m sorry (not really), what I’m going to say is going to ruffle some feathers, I know some will hate me for this, but it has to be said, and I know it will do more good in the end, and if it means I lose some followers but inspire or safe one or two lives, well, I’ve done my job. I’m not here to be popular, if I was, I’d be talking some sweat stuff that the majority wants to hear. So, without further ado… I have no respect for older (or any age) people that have given up on themselves. Just because you’re old does not give you to the right to automatically earn my respect, yes you can get respect for certain things you’ve done, but my overall respect relies on how much you respect yourself. I have no respect for people that have given up on themselves and ride around in their bloody mobility scooters because they’re too damn lazy and fat to move their assess. Too damn lazy to get uncomfortable. Too damn lazy to break a sweat.


Should you be a gym junky to get in with the Cavemantraining crowd? No, you need to find the right balance, this is what everything in life is about, balance, a bit of this, a bit of that, fall off the wagon, get back on, enjoy life. But never give up, and most of all, respect yourself first.

Now, I could go and say that you should bring on changes in 2019, you should buy our best kettlebell books, you should join our online camps, you should take our online courses, but F that, truth be told, if you need day 365 to make a change, you’re doing it wrong.

My respect to Jerry Gray, Mike Millen, Sandy Doyle, Michèle Wauquier, Shawn Power, Per Olhans, +++ you guys are my idols…

Posted by Cavemantraining on Tuesday, January 1, 2019


Delusional / perfect

I’m fully aware that I might be delusional and never have improved anyone’s life, or never will, I truly do believe in what I stand for and I guess that makes me different. I’m also far from perfect, there is no such thing as perfect, but there is a clear contrast between being a fat lazy slob and someone who has respect for themselves.

Of course, my respect or that of others could mean nothing and that’s fine, also, just because you don’t have my respect doesn’t mean that we can’t co-exist together like civilized human beings.

If you want to debate this, feel free, I’m truly open to sensibly debate any of this, go on, kick some sense into me, give me a good reason as to why I’m wrong. BTW If you’re going to be an ass, I’ll ignore you. Peace.

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