Sneaky Anna—Intense WOD

I named this intense cardio workout Sneaky Anna, as she was supposed to set the timer for 16, but she added an extra 4 minutes. So, now it’s a 20-minute WOD, even for you.


Your First And Only Task

  • 4 half snatches
  • 4 burpees
  • 4 squat deadlifts



The half snatches target the glutes, hammies, upper back, shoulders. The burpees—the way they should be done—really tax the glutes, if you squeeze them to pull your pelvis up. Come up into a nice neutral position before you attempt your next rep. The squat deadlift targets the quads.


Rx weights are:

  • 2 x 16kg for male
  • 2 x 12kg for female


Heart Rate Graph
Kevan from Jitz-WODs had a go at this WOD, and above is his heart rate graph.


Got Snatch Issues?

Banging your forearms? AKA, the dreaded smack, slamming into your arm. Or ripped hands? AKA tearing blisters, ripping calluses.


We got several highly skilled coaches ready for you right now, to work with you online, just to focus on this one issue. You’ll receive very detailed instructions, videos, pdfs, online coaching time, assessment, Q&A time, and the guarantee we’ll fix your snatch. Fixed price.

Check it out, our online kettlebell coaching for snatch issues.

Each of our coaches has performed at least 500 snatches in one session, with no bruised forearms, nor ripped hands.




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