Online Coaching Kettlebell Snatch Main Issues


This online kettlebell coaching package deals very specifically with just one or two issues of the kettlebell snatch. You’ll be working directly with one of our top coaches.

The focus will be the kettlebell snatch, and prevention of forearm bruising and ripped hands.

Also described as:

  • The dreaded smack
  • Slamming into your arm
  • Banging on your forearm
  • Ripped hands

You will:

  1. Receive detailed information in the form of videos and pdfs
  2. Submit your video
  3. Be assessed by your assigned coach
  4. Provided with clear adjustments to make
  5. Be able to ask your coach questions

All for one fixed price. Results guaranteed or money back.

Each of our coaches has performed at least 500 snatches in one session, with no bruised forearms, nor ripped hands.


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