La Concha mountain hike Marbella

Before and After Photo: Liv The Norwegian Wonderwoman

Liv is an amazing wonder woman in her 60s whom I recently took on a seriously challenging 7-hour mountain hike up La Concha Marbella (1,243m high) that most lazy youngins won’t even dare to attempt these days (see video below).

Liv Fridtjofsen

I figured it was time to interview Liv and see what keeps her so fit, and has she always been so fit, or did she recently make drastic changes?

Name: Liv Fridtjofsen
Age: 65
Weight: 58
Location: Fuengirola, Spain

At what age did you start exercising?

I started about 5 years ago when I stopped smoking and did not want to gain weight. I live next door to the gym, so I started out with cardio and machines at the gym. I also go to spinning classes and yoga. I started thinking about what I eat and drank, so I stopped eating meat (do not want to support the farming of animals!). I stopped drinking as I used to drink about one bottle of wine every night. Since this change, I have lost 28 kg and I am fitter than ever. I compete with myself. I do not want to be prettier (impossible!). I want to be fit, strong, and healthy. If I need surgery it will be less work for the poor surgeon and I will recover faster with a fit body.

Hiking La Concha

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If you did not make those changes back then?

I would be sitting here very overweight coughing, taking pills for high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, and not having enough breath to walk the stairs, or go trekking. In summary, I would not be able to live a happy life without medicines.

Liv Fridtjofsen

What kind of exercise do you do?

I exercise 7 days a week. Morning walks: 7 km brisk walking (6 km/h), or walking barefoot in the soft sand (5 km 60 minutes), kettlebell training twice a week, walking 6 km every afternoon, walking the stairs once a day (I live on 6th floor), spinning classes at the gym now and then. I know that if I stopped I would feel old, stiff, nonelastic, and fat.

Liv Fridtjofsen
Liv Fridtjofsen

Do you still enjoy life?

Enjoying life does not mean just sitting there drinking alcohol, watching TV, surfing on the Internet, etc. I enjoy my life and I have a cake with my afternoon coffee now and then. I have a glass of wine if there is a very special occasion. To me enjoying life is to be able to go on trekking with fit and sporty and nice people, laugh and feel good. Enjoying life is also to be exhausted and to be able to sleep like a baby when I go to bed.

Do you think personal trainers are useless and a waste of money?

Liv Fridtjofsen

They are not useless at all! Training on my own is difficult. It is easy to be sloppy when I am on my own. I find it hard to push myself enough without being forced or ‘whipped’. Besides, personal trainers know better than me and can thus correct me when I do the exercise wrong.

What changes have you experienced since starting exercise?

I lost 28 kg, and stopped taking pills for blood pressure and high cholesterol. I am actually able to walk in the soft sand for 60 minutes. Before I could do only 15 minutes before I collapsed. I would never be able to go on the trek to La Concha. My left shoulder which was out of position and never healed properly is now almost healed due to kettlebell training.

What would you like to say to people who say “Ooh I’m too old to exercise”?

That is just an excuse. Nothing is too late. Nobody is too old for anything. It is not a chore, it is the other way around, I am glad I can. Everybody can find pleasure in exercise if they want to. If they do not want to they will find excuses (too early, too hot, too dark, too tired, too old……….)

Liv Fridtjofsen
Liv Fridtjofsen
Liv Fridtjofsen

What does the future hold for you?

I will keep on as I do today. Because I am fit for my age I am sure I can continue many years from now.

I can even be better.

Liv Fridtjofsen

Instagram: liv_fridtjofsen

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PS. Liv trains with us at Cavemantraining / Fitness Break Boot Camp on the beach in Fuengirola each week and joins us on most of our activities on the Costa del Sol.

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