Leo Urquides

Stay Savage: Leo Urquides

You might remember a time growing up where your parents told you to be yourself. And we did. We wore funny clothes, we colored outside the lines…. we simply just did not give a fuck. As time went on the pressures of fitting in started to chisel at who we truly are- unique people with …

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Kettlebell Sport España Kike Quesada Sanchez

Kettlebell Sport in Spain

Following is an interview I held with Kike Quesada Sanchez the president of K.S.E. (Kettlebell Sport España), discussing kettlebell sport in Spain.   How new is Kettlebell Sport in Spain? Our Organisation started in December 2016; we did the presentation in January 2017, even though we have 1 year experience in the dissemination and development of …

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Joe Daniels

Built like a tank (naturally) Joe Kettlebell Daniels

I was a pretty small kid that loved to play outside and I worked with my father growing up building homes and landscaping. I was always active outside. Had a good balance of playing some video games here and there but outside was always my love.

La Concha mountain hike Marbella

Liv The Norwegian Wonderwoman

Liv is an amazing wonderwoman in her 60’s whom I recently took on a seriously challenging 7 hour mountain hike up La Concha Marbella (1,243m high) that most lazy youngins won’t even dare to attempt these days (see video below).   I figured it was time to interview Liv and see what keeps her so …

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