How Much of a Cave(wo)man Are You? The 7 Cavemantraining Principles

If you believe in the 7 Cavemantraining principles and train like a Caveman, then you might be a modern-day Caveman! Check the list below and see how much of a Caveman or Cavewoman you are.


  1. wear clothes for comfortability
  2. eat for fuel and recovery
  3. regular sleeping pattern
  4. does not work but follows a passion
  5. no debts
  6. no supplements
  7. creates challenges


How many did you get?

  • 1 to 2 out of 7
    25% work harder
  • 3 to 4 out of 7
    50% halfway there
  • 5 to 6 out of 7
    75% you’re extremely close!
  • 7 out of 7
    100% Caveman

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Let’s dive a bit deeper into the 7 Cavemantraining principles.

Wear Clothes for Comfortability

Do you wear the latest fashion or that which feels comfortable, do you wear $1,000 shoes that look magnificent or $100 shoes that feel awesome? If you care more about how you look than how you feel you’ve definitely failed the Caveman test. Let’s be clear, there is a difference between not taking care of yourself and not caring how you look, so when we say “wear clothes for comfortability, not for the look”, we don’t mean you should look like you dragged yourself out of the swamp smelling like a sewer rat!

Eat for fuel and recovery

Eat for Fuel and Recovery

Do you eat because it tastes so good, do you eat whatever you want when you want it no matter what it is, do you care whether it fuels your body or makes you tired and potentially sick if consumption is not moderated? The priority of a Caveman is to eat just enough what is right for him or her to fuel the body and let it recover from the hardcore workouts.

Has a Regular Sleeping Pattern

A Caveman knows that irregular sleeping patterns, going out and staying out late affects their mood, recovery and much more. Cavemen know how to regulate their sleeping pattern to such a degree that they hardly need the alarm clock anymore, their body becomes their alarm.

Does Not Work but Follows Passion

No, it does not mean you become a lazy slob, on the contrary, it means you’re a hardworking reliable person that follows their passion to create the required income for functioning in this society. A passion that does not make one look at what he or she does every day as ‘work’, but rather a hobby, something they enjoy doing each day. If you enjoy painting, then you become a painter, not a checkout cashier, if you enjoy working with money and talking to people, you become a checkout cashier, not a painter.

Has No Debts

A real Caveman knows that borrowing money from the bank no matter for what purpose is a grey cloud hanging above his or her head until the day it’s paid back. Work hard to earn what you want and only spend that which you have. A Caveman does not turn himself into a slave and have to worry each day whether they can pay the mortgage, pay the credit card or whatever.

Uses No Supplements

A Caveman knows that vitamins and whatever the body needs should come from fresh produce, it should come from nature, not from that which companies say he/she should take to feel better and perform better. A Caveman listens to his body, the signs it uses to communicate bad sleep, bad recovery, bad nutrition, bad mentality and so on.

Creates Challenges

A Caveman creates physical and mental challenges on a regular basis for the rest of his/her lifetime and knows that old age will set in at the moment he/she stops challenging, laziness will take over, deterioration will happen. A Caveman creates challenges that he/she doesn’t always like at first, but loves afterward.


These are 7 of the Cavemantraining principles, check if you meet the Cavemantraining ethics and take the free online exam here.


Exceptions to the Rule

Nothing is black or white, there are always exceptions to the rule, and the following principles do not mean they can’t be broken, bend or ignored sometimes, but within and with good reason.

I’m a Caveman myself, do I always meet the principles? No, but do I know these are the best principles to live by? Yes. Now, I’m not going to write some kind of bible so don’t confuse these for the seven commandments or anything, just to make sure… I’m going to write another 7 of these principles down so we get 14, thus make sure you follow our Facebook to stay up to date or subscribe to our newsletter.

NB. principle number 7.1 always take your kettlebell.


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