kettlebell exercise

Kettlebell exercise overhead hindu squat

Kettlebell Overhead Hindu Squat

The Hindu squat is part of our Caveman Mobility Program and also part of our CAVEMANROM suite of exercises. The Hindu squat on its own is already extremely beneficial to the feet, ankles, calves, knees, and quads. But add kettlebells and an overhead hold and you’re adding so much more to this exercise, shoulders, increased

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Kettlebell exercise for the shoulders

Kettlebell Halo

The kettlebell Halo is great for warming up the shoulders with lightweight but also great to create strength with a heavier weight and slow controlled movement. If you enjoy the Halo, make sure to also check out the kettlebell Ribbons exercise which is closely related.   On-page links: How to Perform the Kettlebell Halo Kettlebell

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