Kettlebell Overhead Hindu Squat

The Hindu squat is part of our Caveman Mobility Program and also part of our CAVEMANROM suite of exercises. The Hindu squat on its own is already extremely beneficial to the feet, ankles, calves, knees, and quads. But add kettlebells and an overhead hold and you’re adding so much more to this exercise, shoulders, increased stability, back, and additional load for the squat.

The Hindu squat can get a bad name due to the effects it will have on the knees of unconditioned people attempting this exercise. The truth is, this is an extremely beneficial exercise, but like any advanced exercise, it needs to be progressed to properly.

This variation of the squat together with the sissy squat puts the most stress on the knees, this is good, good if you have the strength and ability to connect properly with the muscles that need to do the work.

Check out the CAVEMANROM online certification if you’re interested in using kettlebell exercises to increase range of motion, and increase flexibility, mobility, and strength all at the same time.



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