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Kettlebell Complexes 11 Popular/Well Known KB Combos

What is a kettlebell complex?

The opposite of a kettlebell combo/complex would be single kettlebell work performed for a certain amount of reps or time like the IKU™ Beginner Kettlebell Workout.

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A kettlebell complex is a series of kettlebell exercises strung together intelligently so they can be performed from one into the other without rest or having to stop in between. Kettlebell complexes are popular in CrossFit, at-home workouts, in the kettlebell training community, and anytime one is looking for a kettlebell compound workout. A kettlebell complex can be performed with a single or double kettlebell.

The benefits of a kettlebell complex are that you’re usually working the full body in a very dynamic way with compound exercises. This means that more joints are incorporated and more muscle groups are recruited. A huge plus.

Kettlebell complexes are also known as combos, although combos are usually designed with 2 to 3 exercises and complexes with many. The meaning of complex: consisting of many different and connected parts.

Kettlebell complexes are great to include in kettlebell conditioning circuits or kettlebell workouts for conditioning. You can perform each exercise in the complex once and move on to the next exercise or you can perform a set of defined reps before moving on to the next exercise in the complex. My preference for kettlebell complexes is to move from one into the next, kind of like a flow, although I consider a kettlebell flow to be a bit different. You can even work with ladders, completing each exercise once on the first round of the ladder, twice on the second round, and so on. You can then work your way down again as well.

Kettlebell Complexes

  1. UKC Ultimate Kettlebell Complex
  2. Curtis P Kettlebell Version
  3. WBKC Worlds Best Kettlebell Combo
  4. The Power Complex
  5. Kings Combo
  6. Super Mobility Combo
  7. MBG KB Combo
  8. Monster Combo
  9. SDCP Squat Dead Curl Press
  10. HCP Hang Clean Press
  11. DCST Dead Clean Squat Thruster
  12. Bonus: SSGS Suitcase Swing Goblet Squat
  13. Bonus: DRR Deadlift Renegade Rows
  14. Bonus: RCLSP Racked Curtsy Lunge Strict Press
  15. BOOK: Kettlebell Complexes Made Simple

Single kettlebell complexes

Double kettlebell complexes

1) UKC Ultimate Kettlebell Complex

Double kettlebell combo.

Designed by Cavemantraining. This complex was designed to demonstrate the natural progression in movement and complexity. Deadlift, hang clean, swing clean, swing, half snatch, press, return to the ground and repeat. UKC details.

2) Curtis P Kettlebell Version

Double or single kettlebell combo.

Originally designed like a barbell complex by SealFit, modified and translated to kettlebells by Cavemantraining.

More details for the Curtis P here.

3) WBKC Worlds Best Kettlebell Combo

Double kettlebell combo.

Designed by Cavemantraining. Here is another video of the WBKC and here is the WBKC included in a challenge, can you complete it? You can download a free PDF for this complex on the link above.

4) The Power Complex

Double kettlebell combo.

Designed by Cavemantraining. More details on this link from where you can download a free PDF with details about this complex.

5) Kings Combo

Double kettlebell combo.

Designed by Cavemantraining and part of the CAVEMANROM online kettlebell certification. This complex was designed to work on strength and flexibility. I like including exercises that a lot of people refrain from, i.e. biceps curl—because it’s not functional—since when is a curl not functional if we curl in everyday life, groceries, or other things that you pick up? You can read the full details on this kettlebell combo here.

6) Super Mobility Combo

Single kettlebell combo.

Designed by Cavemantraining. This combo has it all when it comes to testing ROM, stability, and flexibility. Swing clean into a squat, snatch into a windmill, squat into Sots press…

7) MBG KB Combo

Double kettlebell combo.

By Matthew Brandon Garner, a member of our Caveman Inner Circle. This is a great combo that one of our members suggested to include in one of our weekly workouts. You can read more about the combo here.

8) Monster Combo

Single kettlebell combo.

Designed by Cavemantraining.

9) SDCP Squat Dead Curl Press

Single kettlebell combo.

10) HCP Hang Clean Press

Double kettlebell combo.

11) DCST Dead Clean Squat Thruster

Double kettlebell combo.

This is a beast of a combo as it’s one explosive movement after the other, you’re pulling the kettlebells up, squatting, and then thrusting them up with the power of your legs. A real cardio blaster this one.

12) SSGS Suitcase Swing Goblet Squat

Single kettlebell combo.

This is a great complex to work on coordination.

13) DRR Deadlift Renegade Rows

Double kettlebell combo.

This combination is great for strength, you’re going from the lower body to full-body to upper body.

14) RCLSP Racked Curtsy Lunge Strict Press

Double kettlebell combo.

This complex is great to work on the hips, leg strength, core, and shoulders. It’s an unconventional complex that I like very much. You should also check out the hang clean into a military press, I used it in the Iron Man Workout.

Many more kettlebell complexes are to be found on our kettlebell YouTube channel which over 10 million people viewed, check it out, and subscribe for weekly updates!

To create awesome kettlebell complexes you need to know your kettlebell exercises. Get yourself a copy of the one and only Kettlebell Exercise Encyclopedia today. Direct download after purchase. To move fluidly, effectively, and safely one needs to understand and have mastered the kettlebell fundamentals.


Kettlebell workouts with complexes

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