The Kettlebell Hang Press

The Kettlebell Hang Press with George Corso

The Kettlebell Hang Press has become one of my favorite hybrid exercises to play with.  I started with them last year and I have been using them ever since!  I played around with the idea when I wanted to add an offset variant to my hang practice. The kettlebell hang press adds such a practice!  What I love most about this move is the pull push aspect of it.  Fire the fibers in many different was creating such an overload that the whole body is required to perform it.



No matter what weight you are pressing with, your grip on the hanging arm will be challenged not only by the extra weight being applied, but also by the strength required to stabilize and stop the body from rotating side to side.



Your Lats and Core will have to fire big time in order to be able to stabilize the body in order to add to the strength needed for the kettlebell press! Core will be added to the stability of the body as well,  It will almost feels as if you are doing a hanging plank, so be sure to brace on those abs!



The press is the next phase of the movement!  Being able to have a smooth controlled press on one side as the body is trying not to twist and turn in opposite directions makes one have to really put focus into having a true pure press.


Note: This is not a beginners move:  Be sure to put in the prep time in the flex hang and into single arm hanging practice.


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