Kettlebell Muscle Toning

Kettlebell Exercises for Muscle Toning

So, how to tone up with kettlebells, and are kettlebells good for toning? First, let’s be clear that it’s not weight you want to lose but fat. For muscle toning, you need to put on muscle. For females, this might sound daunting but it’s the way it is and there is no way around that if a toned body is desired. There is no need to worry about looking like a bodybuilder or gaining muscles that make you look like a man, it’s not going to happen.

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Kettlebell Combo

Kettlebell Combo RAMSAR

This is RAMSAR, a kettlebell combo designed by Cavemantraining and filmed in the ancient city of Butrint. The combo is: Squat dead curl Bent-over-row Hang clean Swing Snatch Windmill To perform: Deep squat Curl from dead Good rack Stand up Drop in to hang Bent-over row Move into squat position Hang clean the kettlebell Rack

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Overcoming Barriers to Exercise

Overcoming Barriers to Exercise: Getting Started is the Hardest Part

After a healthy diet, there’s one thing functional medicine doctors recommend to just about every patient. You probably already know what’s coming. Exercise! Did that word make you cringe? You’re certainly not alone. Most adults don’t even come close to getting the recommended amount of exercise each week… even though they know it can have

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