Teaching the kettlebell hang clean to a complete beginner

In the video, I teach a complete beginner the kettlebell hang clean. There are many ways to teach and the progression depends on how much time the subject has available. In this case, I had less than 10 minutes to teach the hang clean before we did a workout.

This is not the optimal situation but in these circumstances I always present alternatives and let the subject make a decision on what he/she uses. It’s rare to find a case where the subject will actually use the alternatives. The alternatives will help build a better base and stay injury-free. However, as a previous gym owner of three gyms and teaching many people across the world I have found that one can’t force a preferred progression. It’s the subject that needs to make the decision on what path to take.

A quick summary of what I cover with the subject in the video:

  • Hand insertion
  • Ground hand insertion drill
  • Hook grip
  • Pulling with the legs
  • Using a squat movement
  • Plyometrics
  • Non-working arm position/use
  • Hang lift to understand the pull with the leg and keep the elbow extended
  • Proper racking position
  • Using assistance
  • Posture

When there is a limited amount of time to teach, one can’t keep hammering on a point, so, some of the points that were repeated but not executed in the actual workout were:

  • Limited ankle movement (not a proper squat)
  • Hand on the body
  • Not explosive enough
  • Not making it a plyometric movement
  • Correct posture

Another thing that should be taken into account is that there is a lot to absorb by the subject and it’s rare to find someone who already implements a lot of the information that has been presented.

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