What is a kettlebell clean?

What is a kettlebell clean?

A kettlebell clean is a kettlebell exercise in which the kettlebell moves from a position below the hips into a racking position via a powerful movement that’s powered by the legs. Most cleans will require a good hook grip. There are many clean variations. A kettlebell clean is an important exercise because, unless you only …

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The Ambiguity of Exercise Naming

At the beginning of my Kettlebell journey I trained with several different trainers and often I’d find myself thinking

“this guy doesn’t know what he’s doing, that’s not a kettlebell clean”

But I’d soon find out that what they demonstrated was indeed a type of clean, the fact is that there are many different types of Kettlebell Cleans, they just weren’t specific with the TYPE of clean they were demonstrating.


Perform each exercise for the number of minutes indicated, then rest, and move on to the next exercise, all up this kettlebell workout takes 38 minutes.   Skill Level Intermediate 10 minutes of Clean and Jerk Double Kettlebell 2 minutes rest 8 minutes of Front Squat Double Kettlebell 2 minutes rest 6 minutes of Chest …

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