Kettlebell Clean Technique

Kettlebell Clean Technique

The following kettlebell clean technique video explains a technique tip to avoid banging on the forearm, friction, and other annoyances that can occur during the kettlebell clean.

The main thing to take away from the tip is that there should be no curling in a kettlebell clean. A kettlebell clean should be powered by the lower body, kept close to the body, and guided into the path that goes up so that the kettlebell can be released, and the grip transition can take place from a hook into a loose grip.

The prime mover muscles that are responsible for elbow flexion (biceps curling) should not be felt when cleaning a kettlebell. If the kettlebell comes in and bangs on the forearm, then this is usually because the weight was swung out and then curled (pulled) in.

The kettlebell clean with a swing should be:

  • Hook grip
  • Backswing
  • Upswing
  • Ballistic flight
  • Release for grip transition
  • Insert and catch
  • Hook grip
  • Rack

The drop for the backswing has a lot of nuances that are also important to understand. An incorrect drop can lead to jerks on the arm which lead to tendon issues, and can also be the highest point of friction which can lead to blisters and ripped skin.

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