How To Stop Banging Your Forearms In The Kettlebell Clean

If you’ve ever done Kettlebell Cleans, then I’m sure you’ve experienced at least a little bit of bruising or tenderness on your forearms.

This is completely natural when you first learn the Clean because you’re trying to muscle the bell up with your arms rather than let the hips do most of the work. The arms should help, but they are secondary to the hips. The arms should just guide the bell to the rack position.

So, why exactly does the smashing of the forearms occur and what can you do to smooth it out and improve your technique.

In most cases, there are 2 main reasons why you are banging your forearm at the top of the Clean.

1) The arc of your Clean is too high.

Although, the Clean finishes by the shoulder, the arc of your kettlebell shouldn’t rise above your shoulder. A high arc will result in the kettlebell coming back down on your forearm, which doesn’t feel great.

Also, a high arc doesn’t allow you to meet the kettlebell first so that your arm can guide the bell into the rack position.

Instead of trying to clean the bell to your shoulder, try to clean the bell to your waist, which will result in a lower arc. This will allow you to meet the kettlebell sooner and guide it to the finished position.

Please watch the video below to see this in action.

2) Your grip is too tight as you finish.

Keeping a really tight grip on the kettlebell will slow it down and result in banging your forearm.

The more relaxed you keep your hand, the faster you will move and the smoother the landing.

Instead of squeezing the life out of your kettlebell as you clean it, spear your hand through the kettlebell handle quickly and keep your fingers relaxed.

Please watch the video below to see this in action.


A few tips to prevent banging your forearm during Kettlebell Cleans.

Posted by Ryan Jankowitz on Monday, December 14, 2020

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