CrossFit Exercise Translation Tool

CrossFit Exercise Translation Tool

Not sure what all these exercise names mean in CrossFit? Let me help you out:


CrossFit Exercise Translation
CrossFit The Real World
Air Squat Bodyweight Squat
Thruster Squat Thruster
Snatch Squat Snatch (with barbell)
Burpee Burpee with Tricep Push-up, Jump, and Clap
Push Jerk Conventional or Squat Jerk
Split Jerk Split Jerk (bonus point)
Push-up Tricep Push-up
Kettlebell Swing American Kettlebell Swing
High Swing American Kettlebell Swing


Of course I’m bloody bitching again. I love CrossFit. I love bitching. I love to take the mickey out of exercise naming. Read below, and perhaps one might agree, or not.


Air Squat

I walk into to the gym, I look at the wall, I see this wonderful poster which refers to bodyweight exercises. That’s what each and every exercise at its basic form is, a bodyweight exercise, and you know it! So, we can just call it a squat or bodyweight squat, and no that does not mean we’re squatting our added bodyweight, it just means we’re squatting with our bodyweight. Did Nike become a sponsor of CF?



There is more than one thruster, just because you only use one variation of it, doesn’t make it THE thruster. We also have the lunge thruster for starters. And when it comes to thrusting things overhead, it means that the lower body should be doing the work, not a squat and press. Just an FYI to some.



Don’t get me started!



See here.


Push Jerk

I’m still confused about the word push in the jerk? Isn’t a jerk ALWAYS a push? I’ve tried to look this one up plenty of times, feel free to provide me with missing info here. Your feedback below. A jerk is a dip/quarter squat, you want to try and knee jerk to bring the weight up as high as possible with the first dip, then dip under. Yes a dip is a quarter squat, see here. There is no pressing, unless your Jerk failed. Again, just an FYI to some.



Just because you always do tricep push-ups, doesn’t mean ‘a push-up’ is a ‘tricep push-up’! Just no! There are plenty of variations, there is the chest push-up, hybrid push-up, tricep push-up, close grip… well, you get the point.


Kettlebell Swing

You invented that ….. .. # exercise, so please, take responsibility for it, it’s called the American Swing, yes it goes high, but not as high as the high swing.

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