How to perform the CF burpee

How To CrossFit Burpee

In the video, there is a reference to a normal and speed kickback, below explains what that means.   Normal Kickback The normal kickback is where the hands are placed on the ground and the bodyweight is then put onto the hands to be able to raise the hips so that the legs can kickback. […]

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How to Do Burpees for Beginners

Don’t Do Another Burpee EVER AGAIN … until you know how to execute them correctly!   In this article, I’ll cover: How to assess yourself or your clients for burpees Burpee instructions How to progress Burpee variations Common burpee mistakes And most importantly—how to correctly perform a burpee and avoid injury Without further ado…  

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Fourforty WOD Functional Fitness Workout

Fourforty WOD

This is Fourforty WOD. 3 tasks, 2 AMRAP, and 1 FOR TIME. Complete and post online. A video of the workout can be unlocked further below.   Your First Task 4 squats 4 crossfit burpees 4 dead clean and press left 4 dead clean and press right 8 minutes AMRAP 2 minutes rest   Your

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CrossFit Exercise Translation Tool

CrossFit Exercise Translation Tool

Not sure what all these exercise names mean in CrossFit? Let me help you out:   CrossFit Exercise Translation CrossFit The Real World Air Squat Bodyweight Squat Thruster Squat Thruster Snatch Squat Snatch (with barbell) Burpee Burpee with Tricep Push-up, Jump, and Clap Push Jerk Conventional or Squat Jerk Split Jerk Split Jerk (bonus point)

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