How To CrossFit Burpee

In the video, there is a reference to a normal and speed kickback, below explains what that means.


Normal Kickback

The normal kickback is where the hands are placed on the ground and the bodyweight is then put onto the hands to be able to raise the hips so that the legs can kickback.


Speed Kickback

The speed kickback is where the legs are kicked out before the hands touch the ground. The body is lowered to the ground right away, there is no phase where the bodyweight is first placed onto the hands.


CrossFit Burpees

CrossFit Burpee? Sure, the triceps push-up jump with clap burpee existed way before CrossFit, but they made it popular. I call it the CrossFit Burpee, they call it the Burpee, but that’s because they simply don’t do normal burpees. A real and conventional burpee as it was first invented is just a movement that involves going from standing into plank and back to standing. That is THE burpee.

I love this variation of the burpee and program it a lot in our kettlebell workouts. It’s a great exercise for speed, power, cardio, strength, and even some flexibility. It’s great to break sets up, especially kettlebell sets that are taxing on the grip. Throw some burpees in and you give that grip a break.

Make sure to check out our 28-Day Burpee And Swing Challenge! Complete the challenge and see if you can beat my score of 5:34 for 50 CrossFit Burpees and 100 single-arm swings unbroken with a 16kg/35lbs. Are 28 days too much? Complete the CTCF100 Challenge, it’s just one workout but a serious challenge.


How To CrossFit Burpee?

There are many ways, but here is a generalization of what you see in the video:

  1. Squat stance
  2. Break at three joints
  3. Lower the hands to the ground
  4. Raise the hips
  5. Kick the legs out
  6. Lower the body to the ground
  7. Triceps push-up
  8. Raise the hips (similar to a downward dog)
  9. Pull the legs in and under
  10. Raise the upper body
  11. Look ahead
  12. Jump up
  13. Clap
  14. Land and repeat


Master The Burpee

There are so many ways to perform the burpee, so many variations, but all are awesome to include in your workouts. Like with anything, there is a progression to follow as well, and there is also a lot to learn about efficiency. Small changes to how you get up, get down, etc., can all contribute to more efficient and/or faster movements. In the video, for example, I also perform one rep where I push the knees/thighs into the ground to bounce the hips up. Small changes can mean a world of difference when you are doing 100s of reps.

Enroll in my online course Master The Burpee and learn everything there is to learn about the burpee. Here is what someone who enrolled and completed the online course had to say.

This is a great course to take if you want to incorporate burpees into your workout or improve your burpee technique. The content is really good and is set out in a logical way which allows for progression from the conventional burpee right up to the more complex demanding Cross-fit burpee. There is also a great video section on warm-up, mobility and flexibility which I have incorporated most of the movements into my sessions before the main part of my workout. Included at the end of the course there are a number of workouts to complete which combine burpees along with kettlebells. Having completed this course and the 28 day burpee swing challenge I have become very fond of the burpee thanks to Taco Fleur and his course. —Jamie M

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