CTCF 100 Challenge—Burpees and Kettlebells

This is not for the faint-hearted. This simple combination of 2 grueling exercises is super anaerobic and will skyrocket your heart rate in no time.

It’s insane to program 100 of these and it’s not a workout you should do regularly. Consider it a challenge.

The two exercises are CrossFit burpees and kettlebell dead snatches. You perform a CrossFit burpee and then one dead snatch on one side followed by the other. You do this 100 times  FOR TIME, which ends up being 100 burpees and 200 dead snatches.

But, as we say at Cavemantraining, form and technique before anything. Take enough time to recover and be able to perform each rep with confidence.

Why the choice of exercises?

There is nothing more explosive than the kettlebell dead snatch. The kettlebell dead snatch is also long, as in, a deep squat to overhead, the one and only kettlebell exercise that travels that far. The burpee is the dead snatch’s equivalent when it comes to distance and torture. Work done = force × distance

Both exercises are full body exercises and the weight of the kettlebell seriously adds a whole other dimension to the challenge.


Rx male
20kg/44lb add 25 reps (125 in total)
16kg/35lb add 25 reps (150 in total)

Rx female
12kg/26lb add 25 reps (125 in total)
8kg/17lb add 25 reps (150 in total)


If you change the full dead snatch to half dead snatch (overhead drop into racking) then add another 5 reps to the total.

If you drop weight during or at the start, add the reps, i.e. say you start at 24kg perform 20 reps and drop down to 20kg then you do 125 reps in total, if you’d drop down to 16kg straight away then you do 150 reps in total. If you drop to 20 and then to 16, still 150 reps in total. Choose wisely.



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