Kettlebell Workouts for Men and Women

Cavemantraining has designed some of the worlds best and unique kettlebell workouts for beginners to advanced, from cardio, flexibility, strength, to endurance, and more. Our kettlebell workouts are designed for men and women.

Some of our workouts are published for free on our website with limited details whereas you can also find all the workouts with full details in a handy collection as an ebook (PDF), hardcopy, or Kindle.

If you want to check out the free kettlebell workouts just go here. If you want to check out our kettlebell workout books with the full details on each workout just go here.


Cavemantraining is also the premier online kettlebell education resource, meaning if you want to learn how to execute your kettlebell workouts efficiently and safe, we have the online course for you. If you want to learn how to teach your clients step-by-step we also have online kettlebell certifications.


Basic Kettlebell Workout for Men

This is one of the many kettlebell workouts you’ll find in our kettlebell books.


Basic Kettlebell Workout for Women

This basic kettlebell workout for women is demonstrated by our female kettlebell trainer Anna Junghans.


Beginner to Advanced Kettlebell Workouts

At Cavemantraining we cater to beginners and advanced with our workouts. Following are some intermediate and advanced kettlebell example workouts.


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