Fix Your Kettlebell Grip

If you’ve heard about the 45-degree angle of the kettlebell handle in your palm but are not sure how to achieve that angle, this video gives you a quick introduction.
  1. Get the kettlebell to enter its ballistic flight
  2. Open up
  3. Let go
  4. Insert the hand into the window
  5. Move the hand into the corner/horn
  6. Press out

The kettlebell is basically flying up after you powered it and are no longer powering it (ballistic flight), you open your hand and let go of the weight, and then punch your hand into the corner. Punching the hand into one corner means that it comes higher while the other goes lower, this is the part that creates the 45-degree angle.

When I say “punch”, I’m not talking about a violent punch, I’m talking about a short controlled movement of the hand being pushed into the window by the arm.

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