How do people get hurt using kettlebells?

How do people get hurt using kettlebells?

Like with any type of training, people can get hurt by not doing what should be done. I’ll list what people should do in any type of training, but I’ll start by saying that kettlebell training has a higher learning curve than most other training tools, and I’ll provide the info on how to pass some of the common ones. But the main reason people get injured is not leaving their ego at door.


Most Common Kettlebell Injuries

These can all be avoided with the first dot point listed further.

  1. Backaches and pains
  2. Ripped hands
  3. Bruising

Plenty more, but these are the common ones in kettlebell training.


The Process

This process applies to any type of training:

  1. Learn the technique
  2. Invest time
  3. Understand and identify your goals
  4. Learn how to program correctly
    1. Correct weight selection
    2. Proper rest between sets
    3. Correct recovery between workouts
    4. Correct volume

When people leave their ego at the door and follow the process, then the kettlebell is the pillar of strength.



Here are a few videos which will help you to avoid some of the most common injuries. When anyone first looks at this they will not believe that something like GRIP can be cause for injuries, but with nearly two decades of experience, I can tell you that it is.

Watching videos and reading books takes time, and this is the common thing I see people not investing, TIME! Most people want to jump in and do the fun stuff, the things they see other people do, and without proper progression.

Fix Your Kettlebell Grip ¬ UNDERRATED TIP


Prevent Kettlebell Forearm Bruising—Forearm Pain/Protection/Guards


How To Kettlebell Clean Without Hurting Your Wrist/Forearm (STOP BANGING)


Following is one that is common with the kettlebell swing, and I list this last, as unfortunately, a lot of people think that kettlebell training is swinging a kettlebell. It’s not. There is so much more to kettlebell training, much more than any other type of training. Check out all the kettlebell exercises here.


Stiff lower back from kettlebell swings. Kettlebell swing back pain.

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