Hybrid Training is nothing new. At Cavemantraining we’ve used it since inception. In our case, hybrid is a mix between the best of all worlds. Meaning, strength, endurance, power, mobility, stability, and more from kettlebells, calisthenics, stretches, and poses.

In our workouts, which we deliver to the world every week, we include a lot of stretching, mobility, calisthenics around kettlebell work. We even use kettlebells for mobility in CAVEMANROM.

All our workouts are designed for safety and progression. Suitable for beginner to advanced.


I’ve got a video (see the top of the page) to demonstrate what is possible at 50, or any age for that matter. All you need is progression, time, patience, and determination. A bit of background.

I had a car accident 4 months ago. My left leg was numb on the lower half, I could not use my calf anymore. The impact of the crash was in the neck. I mention this to show that issues lower down can be from higher up, and vice versa.

I can highly recommend seeing a chiropractor to anyone with persisting issues. It’s worth a go, at least once. A lot of issues can be solved by structural adjustments. After that, you need to search for the cause and fix that.

From hardly being able to walk, I have now nearly 100% of my functionality back. I did not have access to a chiro as I was in Tanzania and then in Albania. I have used foam rolling, stretching, self-massage, and poses to fix myself. I also include a lot of single-leg hip hinge work as this is an exercise that works your feet, and the feet are the first part of the chain. I can highly recommend all these things when you don’t have access to a chiro or other professional, I recommend including all this even when you don’t have issues.

Feel free to ask questions if you have any.



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