Kettlebell Wrist Guards (protection) and Gloves

The topic of whether to use kettlebell wrist guards, wrist protection, and/or gloves has been covered many times in different forms on our website. This time I decided to pair it with a video and combine all resources you’ll ever need to decide whether you should use sweatbands and/or gloves when training with kettlebells. Watch the video for a detailed explanation of this subject.

The resources mentioned in the video plus others are:



In summary. Yes, use sweatbands when you are doing high volume or your kettlebell is not designed well. No, don’t use wristguards if you are doing it to avoid the impact due to bad technique. Yes, use wrist guards if you are working on your technique outside of workouts. Yes, use sweatbands when you sweat a lot and need to wipe the sweat. Yes, use wristguards if you’re going up tremendously in weight. No, do not use wristguards for more than what is a reasonable amount of time for you to learn the correct kettlebell technique.

Wear Kettlebell Wrist Guards

5 valid reasons to wear wrist guards or sweatbands:

  1. Bad kettlebell design
  2. High volume
  3. Extremely heavy kettlebell
  4. Working on technique outside of workouts
  5. To wipe the sweat or stop it from coming onto the kettlebell

Don’t Wear Kettlebell Wrist Guards

1 valid reason not to wear wrist guards or sweatbands: Impact due to bad kettlebell technique, whether from banging or incorrect grip. FIX YOUR TECHNIQUE.

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Understanding the finer nuances of kettlebell training is super important for your own training and safety but especially if you want to teach others. Our online kettlebell courses teach you the fundamentals of kettlebell training. Our courses are suitable for people that train at home and for those wanting to train others. One of our online students said:

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